Finding the words again

Getting to know the person behind the profile is essential for building any relationship. I posted something similar on LinkedIn and is simple and concise.

Here’s an update in a few bullet points:

🔹Born & Raised: Northeast Indiana 🌽

🔹Current home: Fort Wayne

🔹First Job: ☕️girl

🔹Best job: still creating…

Prepared me to do my best work

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A good friend asked me, what do you do with your LinkedIn post? You repurpose them into a story of course. I’ve worked in Logistics for a long time you could say I’m an expert. I wouldn’t, but you can. …

Or the Court

I’ve written several articles on my journey to be debt-free, and I was a big Ramsey follower. I still believe in the principles and practices, and they worked for me. But you have to wonder, what is going on? …

You never know who’s reading

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I challenged myself to be a part of a 30-day sprint and to post every day on LinkedIn. It’s great to connect and meet new people. But yesterday I was reminded about an even better reason, to hear from your existing connections.

Yesterday David commented on my post. I met…

If I had to choose one it would be…

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How can you choose one moment as your proudest moment, just one I can’t. Maybe you have one on your mind right now, keeping a daily challenge comes to mind.

This is just fleeting, something you’re focused on right now but do you want to define your life by it?

Maybe it’s time to change

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I made promises I wanted to keep, but I knew there was no way I could. My first marriage, past jobs, and missed time spent with my kids post-divorce. This was the worst for me, I wasn’t available to follow through for them, I was so wrapped up in myself.

Anything you want

I went into this 30-day sprint, and I had no idea what to expect, or even what I would write about. I rearranged my routine, to make sure that I posted in the morning before I started my other responsibilities.

I joined 40 other content creators on LinkedIn and we…

To learn where you’re going.

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This happened the other day, and I realized you just never know who could be reading your post. You write and put your thoughts online and sometimes you get feedback, but a lot of times its just crickets.

I’ve been connecting with a group of 40 creators in a 30-day…

Anything if you give yourself a chance

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I’ve been posting every day on LinkedIn for 21 days, with 9 days left in this sprint. We have a group of 40 creators writing and engaging in each other’s posts. It wasn’t the best time to start a challenge, but when is it ever?

If you wait for the…

Patricia Rosa

I write engaging articles sprinkled with sarcasm. Writing in History of Yesterday, Writers Blokke and Illumination. Find me

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