We Can't-Wait for You to Return to the Office

So, You Want to Make the Physical Office Extinct?

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If you’ve read any articles arguing the reasons to make the physical office extinct, I doubt you’ve read this thought.

There are millions of people without jobs, and you’re whining because you don’t want to go back to a physical office. Cry us a river, we don’t care.

The healthcare workers, the hospitality workers, and everyone who has worked on-site during the pandemic really don’t want to hear it. Did they have a choice to work safely tucked away at home? …

How one company paid off the debt of 8000 people in 2020

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Okay, so 2020 has been a dumpster fire for many of us. You may be wondering how anyone could find anything to be happy about. But recently, 8000 people were randomly selected and notified that some of their debt from two collection agencies were forgiven.

Many of these people don’t even know it yet

Of the 8000 recipients about 100 have returned voicemails, some may never know. The Ramsey team encountered disconnected phone numbers; some recipients were fearful it was a scam. If someone called, you and told you they paid off your car what would you think?

That’s exactly…

Think of it as on-the-job training

You’re not a writer. Yet.

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If you’re not making money, it’s just a hobby. So instead of thinking of it as your hobby, why not turn it into on-the-job training? When you start a new job, there’s a probationary period, right? You might start out as a temporary worker where they evaluate your performance at regular intervals. Are you doing that with your writing?

What are your thirty-, sixty- and ninety-day goals?

If you don’t know, why not? My first goal was to hit publish. I didn’t want anyone outside my family to read my crap so I published it on my own. …

and Build Trust for Your Future

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No one can share your story better than you. You have it within you to heal from the hurt and the pain. Many times I’ve thought about divulging my story, to get even for all the wrongs. But it doesn’t change the past. I’ve come to terms with it and I’m happy. How will rehashing it change anything?

It won’t for me, but maybe sharing my story could help another.

After I split from my ex-husband I said screw it and just put the fully decorated Christmas tree in the master bedroom and closed the door. …

The homeless are strangers on the face of the Earth”

Women and children carrying possessions to trains circa 1946
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January 19th marked the 75th anniversary of the expulsion of ethnic Germans from Budaors, Hungary, following World War II. This period of history is little-known outside of Europe except for those who experienced it but rarely talked about it.

In the period between 1944 and 1950, an estimated 12 million ethnic Germans fled or were expelled from Eastern Europe. Expellees had minutes’ notice to pack up what few belongings they could and crowd into cattle cars headed for the unknown. They had little food or water, many traveled for nine days. Many didn’t survive.

On the 70th anniversary of this…

Saturday Self-Care

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Have you ever heard yourself say this? If so, take note of your workplace. Do you work in an environment where you can’t afford to take a week off because you have so much to do when you return?

If your co-worker covering for you is in the same boat, does he concentrate on his job first? Then maybe he completes a few of your tasks if he has time.

Or maybe you work twelve hours days to work ahead. Or work twelve hours days every day.

It might be time to consider your work-life balance seriously. Something’s definitely leaning the other way, and it’s not your life.

The point of taking a vacation day is to rejuvenate. If that lasts until the first hour you return to your job, you need to take an inventory of what’s important to you.

Breaking a Milestone

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You may have come across the first 100 rule. You know, the first 100 followers are the most difficult as well as the first 100 published stories.

I’ve been on Medium since April 2020 and published my first story in May. I recently published my one-hundredth story. This may be a slower pace than you follow, but it’s worked for me.

You may follow others' advice and that’s ok. I tried to follow them, and some of them suck. So I follow my heart and listen to my intuition.

Others get distracted by shiny things and promises of riches beyond their dreams


I like rainbows, butterflies, and spotting the first robin of spring. And listening to the medley of spring birds in the morning.

I’ve seen things they could only read about.

Their way isn’t better than mine, just different.

Patricia Rosa

Do What Matters. Writing in Illumination, The Short Form, History of Yesterday and The Newbie Writer. Find me at www.patricialrosa.com

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