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I went into this 30-day sprint, and I had no idea what to expect, or even what I would write about. I rearranged my routine, to make sure that I posted in the morning before I started my other responsibilities.

I joined 40 other content creators on LinkedIn and we posted every day for thirty days. We liked and commented on each other’s posts. The activity was wild and fun. It was a blast to see what each of us would come up with each day.

Typical post before the sprint

You never know who’s reading

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I challenged myself to be a part of a 30-day sprint and to post every day on LinkedIn. It’s great to connect and meet new people. But yesterday I was reminded about an even better reason, to hear from your existing connections.

Yesterday David commented on my post. I met him in IRL, closer to 15 years ago when I worked at the foundry. He drove a milk run and was the first truck of the day every Wednesday.

A milk-run is a regular delivery and pick-up. They would leave the empty milk bottles outside in an insulated cooler. The…

Anything if you give yourself a chance

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I’ve been posting every day on LinkedIn for 21 days, with 9 days left in this sprint. We have a group of 40 creators writing and engaging in each other’s posts. It wasn’t the best time to start a challenge, but when is it ever?

If you wait for the best time, it may never come. Opportunity knocks once, you know? So when you have the chance to be part of something new, you take it. Especially when you were handpicked.

Out of 120 who were signed up, I was one of 40. I’m not the best writer, I have…

How’s that working for you?

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Maybe you’ve read several stories about Covid deaths, and they’re just hilarious, aren’t they?


We’re laughing about death, when we should be grateful we’re alive?

For many, it’s a political thing. But, they fail to tell you that people from both sides of the aisle are reluctant to get the shot in the arm. I work with some, and I wouldn’t be laughing if they died.

Part of reading these stories is having a conversation about them, but only if you agree with the majority. …

Are you kidding me?

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What’s your motivation for writing anyway? Do you know, or maybe you’re like me you’re still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up? My grandchildren have a better idea than I do, but there’s hope for me yet.

Are you gonna start selling a course?

What goes through your head when you see this? This is for someone else, not for you. That’s what I think, I’m not a teacher. But I am, we all are. We have plenty to teach each other, and share what we’ve learned.

To learn where you’re going.

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This happened the other day, and I realized you just never know who could be reading your post. You write and put your thoughts online and sometimes you get feedback, but a lot of times its just crickets.

I’ve been connecting with a group of 40 creators in a 30-day sprint, it’s been great. But would you like to know one of the best things I’ve learned? It’s humbling when you get a comment from a former colleague on one of your posts.

Connecting is great, be re-connecting is even better. You might recall that a past assignment wasn’t really…

Let’s find a better way.

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Death isn’t funny. Period.

Shaming those who are different from you isn’t going to change anyone. It only makes the resolve to hold tight to the beliefs, right or wrong.

But what about the good for society? Yes, let’s ask those who hoarded food, toilet paper, and hand sanitizer early in March of 2020. Maybe they were buying up everything in sight to share with their neighbor?

Maybe not.

You see, blaming and shaming are good if you’re on that side.

I realize many have been in lockdowns and quarantines, but some of us haven’t. Some of us still had…

Turn it into a story.

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What do you do when a comment nags at you? Recently I read this comment from a story I published in January:

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