Or is it just you?

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When I first started writing on Medium, I didn’t have a clue. So I did what everyone else did; I followed the top writers. I bought a book about freelancing because this guy who lives a beautiful life in the Philippines recommended it. Yeah, I haven’t read it yet — but I’m going to.

Maybe you’re like me, and you follow these writers because they know what they’re doing. And if they don’t, they make us believe that they do. They sell books, and classes and they have established their credibility. …

Let’s all start being kind to one another

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I’ve been playing it safe, afraid to speak out on some things, like Covid vaccinations and the unvaccinated. In a recent rant, the author went on and on. Give it up, will you? This kind of narrative is useless. I know both Democrats and Republicans who refuse to get vaccinated.

If you’re vaccinated, and your family is vaccinated then the unvaccinated aren’t risking your health, only their own. It’s on them if they get Covid. The opinion of someone who’s been locked up in their house for the entire pandemic can only see one thing. Their house.

There’s life going…

Increase your views instead

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If you chased the bonus money the past few months and didn’t get it, join the club. But we’re not going to cry about it, are we? You have to figure out why you’re writing. What are you chasing anyway and what’s the reason you started writing?

Have you ever heard Progress, not perfection? It’s a common mantra in the twelve-step groups. This keeps coming back to me over and over. I watch others who started writing later than I did, gaining more followers and publishing more.


You can’t measure your success against what others are doing. Well, you…

Ambassador programs are great. I was an ambassador for a bullet journal subscription box. I loved it. We promoted the box on our social media a specified number of times a month, and got a discount on the subscription

Too bad it ended.

This is really a helpful article, time to get busy.

I've been negligent in sharing on my blog lately. I've heard not to post the same thing on both places, but when you're crunched for time and some of your readers aren't on Medium this is a good option.

And, I agree setting up your own website is stressful. My I'm stubborn and like to learn, so it's a trade off.

No Naked cats even? My dogs are naked, so ... never mind that.

I get many ideas from comments readers leave. More ideas from when you and I bash a top writer and I get a new idea from it LOL. Oh, thank you - I just got another idea.

Anyway, I used to read romance novels, especially historical romances. Shannon by Kathleen Woodiwiss, she was a great writer.

If I wrote romance, readers would use them to fall asleep too, yawn.

I like the idea of a pen name, maybe when I retire.

Thanks for sharing this, as always I enjoy reading.

I honestly don't understand it. I'm not versed in investing and I just haven't wanted to learn about it. Who has some advice for me?

Any of us with health issues feel this pain. Thanks for sharing this article. $5 dollars is not much to ask but if we all give, what a difference we can make.

And together we can make a difference for Shannon.

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