Telephone of the wind

Screenshot from CBS Telephone of the wind

“In a corner of the Pacific Northwest, muffled by moss and trees that are centuries-old, sits an out-of-place relic — a rotary phone that’s connected to nothing, except the wind.”

“Every few weeks, Andre and Erin Sylvester and the rest of their young family trudge out to Priest Point Park…

Finding the words again

Getting to know the person behind the profile is essential for building any relationship. I posted something similar on LinkedIn and is simple and concise.

Here’s an update in a few bullet points:

🔹Born & Raised: Northeast Indiana 🌽

🔹Current home: Fort Wayne

🔹First Job: ☕️girl

🔹Best job: still creating…


Photo by Julie Romaniuk on Unsplash

Do you have a list of things you’re grateful for, how about one? What is the single most thing on your list?

Your job?

Your spouse and children?

What would that one thing be, how can you decide? It’s difficult to pick just one, isn’t it? It could be your 9-to-5 job, that gives you the financial support to follow your dreams and work on your side hustle, or it could be your side hustle itself.

Our lives are too complex, too busy to settle on just one thing, don’t you think? Each part of our lives is intermingled with everything we do and everyone we come into contact with.

What are you grateful for, today at this moment? Joy and life, and the creativity that flows? It’s difficult to focus on just one thing.

Love is the answer.

Patricia Rosa

I write engaging articles sprinkled with sarcasm. Writing in History of Yesterday, Writers Blokke and Illumination. Find me

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