How to Manage Your Email Effectively

Don’t let it manage you

Patricia Rosa


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How many inboxes do you manage? Think about them and add up those work and personal accounts. What’s that number? Four? Six? More? Are you managing them, or do they manage you? If you want to organize these better, here are ways to organize them.

How Many of these do you have?

· Work Email

· Personal Email

· Twitter DMs

· Facebook Messenger

· Instagram DMs

· Slack

· Text Messages

I have two email accounts at work, one I manage is for expedited sales orders. Additionally, I have two personal email accounts. And of course, DMs from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger. I respond to these differently.

To be productive set a time to answer emails at specific times a day

But not all of us can do that. I can’t block time to answer these, the group expedite box requires a response in an hour. I determine how I’m going to respond to each email after I evaluate it.

· Reply with status and ship date. I get copied on the reply and move it the reference folder and delete the original

· Reply acknowledging, I received the email. I delete the original and keep the reply copy for later in the inbox.

This one requires further investigation; I research it or delegate it. I track down the progress of the order and determine a new ship date. I respond to the email after I have the update and delete it and move the reply to the reference folder.

I also have an individual work account I respond in the same manner. If I can answer it within two minutes, I reply with that and delete it. If it takes more than two minutes to research, I reply that I’m working on this.

After I go to the sent folder and move it to the To-DO folder for later I delete the original email. You could copy yourself on the reply and move it to the To-DO folder either way works. It's just easier for me to move it from the sent file.

Use the Out of Office Assistant



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