What Do You Write to a Writer?

A Letter From Your Loyal Readers

Patricia Rosa


Antique Typewriter What do You Write to a Writer?
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We wait for your next article, to see what new thoughts you’ve shared. We’ve been following you for a while now and gotten to appreciate your writing style and understand your thoughts.

We laugh out loud at your humor. Sometimes so loud that our furry co-workers cock their head as if waiting to be let in on the joke.

Watched you grow as a writer and followed your ideas as they’ve evolved with each new project. We commented on these to give you feedback and to let you know that we appreciate your hard work.

We started following you from the moment we joined Medium and words that matter. You’ve always been reliable and consistent articles never fail to keep coming.

Sometimes, when we don’t have time to read your newest post, we mark it to read later and add it to our reading list. But we always make sure to read yours first when we sit down with a coffee to catch up on our reading.

We could always count on a great story from you, maybe your latest “How to do anything” article on blogging or how to gain more followers.

Suddenly, one day we noticed you hadn’t written your usual article. We shrugged it off, you’re just having a bad day. You’ll publish something tomorrow.

But tomorrow comes and still no new article. Ok, we’ll wait another day. We must have just missed something. For sure we’ll read your next article and it will explain that you were deep in research on your next project.

But the next project never came.

So we search for your publication.

It’s not there.

We searched for your name.

The search comes up empty.

Did we miss something? Did you write your farewell, and we missed it? That’s not possible, is it?

We looked at our own history, and on the comments, we’ve made on your post and your reply just says ‘unknown user’.

Unknown User?

Crickets, crickets.

We’ve loyally followed you and read all your articles. We’ve learned a lot about how you write when you write and how long you’ve…



Patricia Rosa

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